Continuing Education Options

The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board announces changes to the Re-Certification requirements as of April 1, 2020. The DCNP credential will continue to remain valid for three (3) years and expire on December 31 as usual, however, the application deadline for re-certification is now October 31. All certificants are subject to audit to ensure that the majority of their practice is focused in dermatology. Fifty percent of current work must be in dermatology.

Category A: Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Programs

  • DCNP recertification by continuing education is obtained by accumulating a minimum of 60 credits (Contact Hours or CME) per three-year period.
  • The 60 credits may be obtained as Continuing Medical Education (CME) OR as Contact Hours. However, only a maximum of 30 CME credits will be accepted.
  • All CME and Contact Hours must be in Dermatology and may include workshops, conventions, seminars and independent study activities. They must pertain to patient care, treatment or procedures.
  • CME's must be in dermatology and subject content must include topics pertaining to patient care, treatments, or procedures.
  • DCNPs are required to maintain verification of all attendance which will need to be submitted if audited.

Category B: Academic Credit Courses

  • This group encompasses programs that address the broad area of health care and nursing/nurse practitioner related courses offered by an accredited educational institution. The course must be applicable to dermatology nurse practitioner practice.
  • Unpublished doctoral dissertation equals 15 contact hours.
  • One semester unit credit equals 15 contact hours.
  • One quarter unit equals 10 contact hours.

Category C: Professional Publications

  • This group encompasses the publication of content relevant to the dermatology nurse practitioner. The content must be published in a recognized professional journal or newsletter or a recognized publishing house. The format shall be an article, book, book chapter, or research paper.
  • Authorship or co-authorship of a book equals 15 contact hours.
  • A book chapter, article, or research paper equals 5 contact hours, maximum of 20 per recertification period.
  • Editors, assistant editors, and manuscript reviewers: 1 manuscript = 1 contact hour; 2 manuscripts = 3 contact hours; and 3 or more manuscripts = 5 contact hour maximum.
  • Research proposal submitted to a federal agency/foundation or industry=15 contact hours.
  • Research abstracts equals 2 contact hours, maximum of 6 per recertification period.
  • A copy of the publication must be submitted as part of the application for recertification.

Category D: Dermatology Presentations

  • This group encompasses participation as a presenter of a dermatology program. The presentation may be delivered to professional nurses, other health care professionals, or lay people. Contact hours will only be awarded for the initial presentation of any program.
  • A 60-minute presentation will equal 1 contact hour, maximum of 5 per recertification period.

Category E: Certification Test Review and Item-Writing Session

  • A DNC Board member or volunteer Item-Writer will be awarded 0.5 contact hours of dermatology-related education for each hour of participation in a certification test review or item-writing meeting. A 2-day meeting would be a total of 16 hours, or 8 contact hours. (Maximum contact hours granted is 8 in a 3-year period). This certification test review or item-writing session must be in conjunction with a member represented from Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET). A representative from C-NET must verify that the individual participated in the certification test review or item-writing session in order for it to count towards recertification contact hours. A copy of this verification must be submitted as documentation for participation.

Category F: Precepting

  • DCNPs that precept nurse practitioner students from a university or college setting qualify for Category F. Precepting is defined as serving as a clinical preceptor for nurse practitioner students while providing direct patient care as a dermatology nurse practitioner. Supporting documentation or verification via letterhead from a college or university where the student is enrolled must be uploaded in CE Broker. Eight hours of precepting is equal to 1.0 credit of Contact Hours. Eight hours (1.0 credit of Contact Hours) of precepting is the minimum amount accepted in Category F. After 1.0 credit of Contact Hours (8 preceptor hours) has been achieved, additional precepting hours will be accepted in two (2) hour increments as follows: 2 hours = 0.25 credit; 4 hours = 0.50 credit; 6 hours = 0.75 credit; 8 hours = 1.0 credit . A maximum of 15 credits of Contact Hours (equivalent to 120 precepting hours) will be accepted.

Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board