Covid-19 Update

Tentative Re-Opening of Test Sites Have Resumed

As of Friday, May 1, 2020, C-NET has resumed testing (meeting social distancing requirements) in various locations throughout the United States in accordance with federal and state guidelines and will continue to adds sites as they become available. Once you have been registered to test by C-NET, PSI (C-NET test delivery partner) will send you a link to active testing locations in your area.

Although testing has resumed in many areas of the country, C-NET is located in the tri-state area where a mandatory shelter-in-place still exists, however, C-NET's staff members continue to offer customer service and application processing by EMAIL between 9 AM and 5 PM EST Monday through Friday. Until state and local officials lift our mandatory shelter-in-place, our phone, fax and mail service will be temporarily unavailable.


What if I can't find testing locations in my local area?

Once you have been registered to test by C-NET, our testing partner, PSI, will email you a scheduling link to active test sites in your area. We suggest you schedule as soon as possible as the recent test suspension has created a backlog of testers. In addition, current social distancing requirements may force some locations to book at half capacity. More test sites will continue to open as local quarantine conditions allow.

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